How to Store Your Vacation Home Items with Self Storage

New England beach house

Winter is almost upon the seaside town of Middletown, Rhode Island. That means it time storing their summer items in this popular vacation destination. While property owners may be able to move smaller items inside, larger items, such as jet skis, outdoor furniture, and sports equipment can be more difficult to accommodate. For these bigger summer objects, Middletown storage units may be just the answer.

By moving your seasonal items to a storage unit, you’ll not only save space, but you will also have the assurance of knowing your things are safe and protected from the harsh effects of winter weather. It’s important that you properly prepare all items for storage.  Here are some tips to help you get your seasonal items ready:

Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture on beach house patio Many coastal homes have gorgeous patio furniture. Such pieces should definitely be protected from Rhode Island winters. Before putting any furniture away in storage, make sure you clean each piece thoroughly. Most furniture can be cleaned with soap and water, but if a piece is particularly dirty, you may have to use a commercial cleaner. After washing, make sure each piece is completely dry, otherwise, umbrellas and cushions may develop mold, mildew, or rust during storage. You can place cushions in a large bin and stack chairs to save additional space. For extra protection, place covers over your furniture during storage.

Rhode Island beach with snowJet Skis, Surfboards, and Boats

Middletown has some fantastic beaches. Sachuest Beach, Middletown First Beach, Middletown Second Beach, and Middletown Third Beach have gentle drop offs, rolling waves, Gulf Stream warmed waters, and gorgeous sand dunes that make them popular with beach goers and water sport enthusiasts alike. If you’re lucky enough to own a jet skis, surfboards or boat make sure it is well protected this winter.

Jet skis need to be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and grime before storage. Also be sure that all water has been completely drained from the engine. To prevent condensation from forming in your gas tank, keep a small amount of gas in the tank. It’s also a good idea to add some fuel stabilizer to the gas. Also, make sure you don’t store any flammable items with your jet skis. In addition, you may want to remove the batteries during storage.

Surfboards aren’t as sturdy as they may seem. In fact, they should always be kept out of the elements when not in use. Before putting your board in storage, you should clean and wax it and given normal maintenance. You should also purchase a good board bag or board sock to provide additional protection.

Boats are a huge investment and need lots of care. Self storage is a great idea for boats in New England. To ensure that your boat is ready for a large storage unit, make sure to change the oil in the engine and replace the accompanying filters. You will also want to remove any perishables or electronics from the boat. To protect your engine, you might also add fuel stabilizing additives.

Golf Clubs

New England golf course Middletown is something of golfer’s paradise. There are many golf clubs and courses throughout the town such as Wanumetonomy Golf and Country Club, Clambake Club of Newport, or Newport National Golf Club. If you aren’t planning on golfing for a while, storing your golf clubs is your best option. Make sure your golf bag and the clubs are clean and dry. You can leave your clubs in the bag during storage, but you should also keep a protective cover over the bag. Also, to prevent rust from forming, store your clubs in a climate-controlled unit.

By taking these extra precautions, you’ll ensure that your summer items are prepared for winter storage. If you have any of these items you should seriously consider using self storage in Middletown Rhode Island. Storage Pros is the leader in Middletown self storage.  With 24 hour security monitoring, climate controlled units, and on site managers, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands. When spring arrives, your favorite summer toys will be clean and ready for use.